Please answer the following questions by checking the appropriate performance response:
(1) Poor;            (2) Fair;           (3) Average;            (4) Good;           (5) Excellent;          (6) Not Applicable
*Ambassador's First Name         
*Ambassador's Last Name            
*  Name/Description of Event       
*Name of Evaluator          
*Name of Organization        
Requestor's Addressss     
Number of Hours Volunteered     
*1.  Did the ambassador make initial contact in a timely manner?  
*2.  Was the attendance of the ambassador prompt on the date services were needed?   
*3.  Did the ambassador listen, accept directions, and feedback? 
*4.  Rate the ambassador's initiative and leadership potential.   
*5.  Did the ambassador effectively communicate and follow through?
*6.  Was the ambassador visible and easy to locate?   
*7.  Was the ambassador helpful in achieving your goals?
*8.  Was the ambassador personable and enthusiastic? 
*9.  How would you rate the ambassador's appearance? 
*10. Would you request or recommend the ambassador for future service projects?  
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