West Kentucky College Academy
Fill out the form below to submit an application for the West Kentucky College Academy The fields required are denoted by an asterisk (*).  NOTE:  You will not be officially enrolled until you receive a copy of your schedule. You must return the student authorization form  with all signatures to Lorry Beth Wilson, Director of West Kentucky College Academy, 270-534-3117 or lorrybeth.wilson@kctcs.edu.
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By completing this form and providing my initials, I wish to be enrolled in the courses that I have listed, for the current semester. I authorize the parent/guardian indicated above as well as my high school administrators, counselors, and faculty access to indicated information on my account.  Within ten days of completing this application, I will print the FERPA form (click here to print ) and have it completed, signed, and returned to the address listed on the form.      
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